Thursday, 30 October 2014

Aodhan's trip to Ireland

Hey class it is me Aodhan and I'm back from my trip to Ireland and boy was it fun. I will be telling you how it was fun, the highlights and last but not least the things that I got for souvenirs.

Take it away                                                                                          
Number 1 how it was fun.
Well we went to Northern Ireland and we stayed at some hotels in the north. The first one was called Bush town and the service was great ,the food the same. The second one was called Lough Eske castle and it was an AMAZING hotel everything was 120%. We stayed at Bush town for 2 nights, and we stayed at Lough Eske castle for 2 nights. Lough Eske castle was better than Bush town because the service and the food. In total I stayed in Northern Ireland for 4 nights.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Number
2 the highlights.                                                        
1. Going to Northern Ireland
2. Going to the movies. In total I watched 4 movies
3. Going to see some of my cousins
4. Playing lazer tag 
5. Going to extreme -                                                             
those were my highlights.                                                                         
Number 3 I will present my souvenirs in a moment.